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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

6 million link to your blog

1. Write a post in a blog posting articles like this, or copy-paste this article. Then give the title inviting.

2. You just simply put the URL Link below for the article that you write in a blog / web.
15. Blog2friend


1. Before you put the web-site at the URL in the Link community to post web / blog, please delete the link number 1.Selepas Link Switch no.2 to no.1, which finished No.2 No.3, the No.4 No.3, and so on. After that put your link in the sequence below (No.15).

2. Remember! Do not Change the link order list.

If every blogger to follow the formula, it will generate backlinks as follows:

3. To be honest and do not waste links with other links.

When you position the No.15, the number of backlink = 1
No.14 position, number of backlinks = 5
Position 13, Number backlink = 25
No.12 position, number of backlinks = 125
Position 11, Number backlink = 625
Position No. 10, The backlink = 3.125
Position no.9, total backlink = 15.625
No.8 position, number of backlinks = 78.125
Position No. 7, Number backlink = 390.625
Position No. 6, number of backlinks = 1,953,125
No.5 position, number of backlinks = 9,765,625
No.4 position, number of backlinks = 48,828,125
No.3 position, number of backlinks = 244,140,625
No.2 position, number of backlinks = 1,220,703,125
No.1 position, total backlink = 6,103,515,62


Imagine if this is running properly then you will get maximum backlinks 6,103,515,62 from various blogs that you would never imagine before.If a visitor to your blog from the Link List of the above then you will automatically get traffic to your website / blog as well.

Remember! Rules of the game, your blog link to start the sequence (No.15), so you can max backlink results. Do not blame me if you do not follow this formula correctly, and link you to the sudden and debuted at No.1 on the list of missing links. Thus began the sequence is at the bottom (No.15).


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Online cheat dares victims to net him

KUALA LUMPUR: A conman has not only cheated countless people through online trading scams but has even challenged them to try and catch him.

MCA Public Services and Complaints De­­partment head Datuk Michael Chong said the department had received 22 complaints about the conman, identified as Chan, since 2008 with total losses amounting to RM50,000.

Chong said many online businesses are genuine, but there are many scam artists who prey on innocent people.

“These scammers attract buyers by offering popular products and gadgets at low prices.

“These people will disappear when the buyers complain of not receiving their goods after payment,” he said at his office yesterday.

Chong said he would refer the case to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department for further action.

He advised Internet surfers to carry out thorough checks before buying items from online traders.

One victim, Looi Zi Qing, lost RM1,800 to Chan.

Looi, 24, said he had deposited the money into Chan’s bank account after he agreed to buy an iPhone from him.

However, Chan failed to get back to him after that.

Looi said he found out later that the conman was still operating on various websites under different names.

He added that when he told others of his case through online forums, he suddenly received an SMS from Chan.

“Chan sent me a text message saying that there was no point making a police report or approaching the media as I wouldn’t get my money back,” said Looi.

One of the SMS text messages read: “Learn to be smart. (Do) You think the police will give you back your money?”

Another victim Lim Aik Soon, 23, said he had posted an advertisement on an online forum seeking to buy a used handphone.

“A person named Miss Jenny responded through the forum, who offered me a BlackBerry phone for a reasonable price,” he added.

After making the payment, Lim said he could not contact “Miss Jenny” because the number was disconnected.

Lim said he believed the two cases were connected because he was given a similar account number as Looi.

Monday, October 18, 2010

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adam Lambert Tones Down For Malaysia

It’s good that Adam Lambert has put his ego aside (by not cancelling his Malaysian show) and thinks about his fans first, Malaysian fans, that is.

In less than 48 hours, Adam is set to rock out in KL for the Malaysian leg of his Glam Nation tour. As expected, there are pressures from political parties to cancel the show due to the artiste’s ties to “gay culture”. "Adam Lambert's shows... are outrageous, with lewd dancing and a gay performance that includes him kissing male dancers," PAS youth leader Nasrudin Hasan told Reuters. "This is not good for people in our country."

Luckily for Adam’s Malaysian fans, he is fully aware of the delicate situation and is going on with the show. The openly gay star tweeted that he's dialing back the flamboyant man-on-man action for the Malaysian leg of his Glam Nation tour: "While I don't believe that my glamnation tour is in any way offensive, I have agreed to make a few minor adjustments out of respect for the Malaysian government. Looking forward to a fun show."

We’re glad Adam is up to the challenge of modifying his show to adhere to the cultural sensitivities. Aren’t you glad that he didn’t say: “Sc*** Malaysia, I’m not altering my show for them.” Cos, we know that some celebs have just cancelled their shows in Malaysia in the past when they were asked to tone down.

Thank you, Adam. Hopefully, the show will go on fabulously in 2 days' time. I’m all for Glam Nation, not damn nation.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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